Premium Doors

Modelo Premium

PORTAS | Largura: 60 a 120 cm
Altura máxima: 245 cm

9 a 21 cm + regulagem

5 / 6 / 7 / 10 cm

The Porta Pronta Kit PREMIUM FIRENZE line uses the best raw materials available on the market and provides customers a product with excellence in finishing, resistance and durability.

The door foils are produced with a 6 mm double back cover and the frame in highly resistant wood. The stops and trims are manufactured in WPC with PET/PVC coating and PUR gluing with imported adhesives.

WPC stops and trims, waterproof and highly resistant material. Foil with double 6mm back cover, ensuring safety and durability. The entire piece is covered by a PET/PVC sheet, free from paint.

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